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From an early age, it was clear that I was going to be doing what I am doing. Between the artistic renderings in permanent marker on the white dining room chairs and back of the closet walls, to the mud pie masterpieces created in the backyard and the endless requests to Santa for a potter’s wheel, I was obviously headed in a specific direction.

I have been making pottery off and on since 2005. Addled Hill Pottery was started in 2010 and I have been in the studio full time since 2013. My studio is attached to my home that I share with a fantastic husband, Tony, two dogs, Lucy and Jack, and three cats, Walter, Murphy and Gil. When I’m in the studio working, the dogs and sometimes a cat or two will keep me company. Occasionally, Tony and I travel to regional craft fairs to sell my wares. We enjoy visiting new places, so it rarely feels like work. When I’m not making or selling pots, you can find us in the kitchen or outside. We love cooking, exploring, hiking, fishing, etc…

Addled Hill Pottery's name

My parents’ farm is named Addled Hill Farm. I stayed there a while after my mom passed away. Every morning the dogs and I walked around the farm, taking in the seasons, watching wild critters (the dogs did more chasing than watching) and enjoying the gardens. My time there inspiring. I thought it was fitting to name the pottery after the place that means so much to me.

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